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Authoring Stub End for Backing Flange – Tube & Pipe

Hello! Yesterday my co-worker here had an epiphany in Inventor Tube & Pipe.  We have encountered several instances where a pipe or tube fitting placed inline in a pipe route, also needs a secondary fitting assembled to it.  In this

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Tube & Pipe Style – Can’t Find Fittings

Hello! Have you ever been working on creating a new Tube & Pipe style in Inventor, only to have the fittings you know you just published not show up in the library browser for the style?  Me too.  It can

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Mixed Units in Inventor® Tube & Pipe Styles

Hello again!  Been a while since I’ve had time to organize my thoughts long enough to write anything. Recently we began working on a project that is going overseas (in my case that means Europe).  The customer has requested that

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Inventor® Tube & Pipe Dynamic Route Editing – Adrian Salariu, Author

Hello! Today am I sharing the mic with a talented designer and blogger, Adrian Salariu.  Adrian is a design engineer with Veolia Water and Technologies in High Wycombe UK. He has worked on Tube and Pipe for more than 2 years,

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Join Me at AU 2014

Hello out there! Hard to believe October has come and gone.  That means it’s nearly time once again for Autodesk ® University.  That fun filled, action packed week of learning, sharing, networking and making new friends.  As most of you know,

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