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Change Physical Properties on Content Center Parts

So…. you have a part in your Content Center.  It’s a purchased part, and you got a Step file from a supplier, which you authored, and published and tucked away neat and clean.  The block was a fairly “dumb” part.

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Vault 2015 – SharePoint 2013 Add a List to a Page

Good morning all! Sorry for my lack of productivity lately.  Busy, busy, busy! I’ve been working on this post for a while, and have had every intention of releasing it with an accompanying video.  This would be my first video

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DWF creation on Vault check in, how to set your preferences.

Originally Published 7/3/2014 I saw this post last week linked on Twitter.  Kudos to David Gates at Cadline Community.  This went right along with a problem I was experiencing with Vault® 2015, that I had not seen in Vault 2013. In

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Autodesk® Vault Professional 2015 – Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 – Can they get along?

Originally Published 6/30/2014 Hello again! In an earlier post I mentioned that I had been working on the Vault – SharePoint integration.  This was a lot of fun, with a few unforeseen bumps, and a few added grey hairs to

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Vault 2015 Visualization Previews

Originally Published 6/6/2014 Hello again!  I’ve spent the last month playing with Autodesk ® Vault Professional 2015 in a test environment, trying to figure out the integration with Microsoft ® SharePoint 2013.  Finally loaded Vault 2015 into our production environment the other day, and

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Revision Control from Item Master – Part 3 – The Autocad Revision Block

Originally Published 10/23/2013 Hey there! This is the third and final part of this series.  In Part 1 I gave an overview of the three different solutions for adding revision tables to drawings in Autodesk ® Inventor, Autodesk ® Autocad

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Autodesk ® Autocad Symbol Libraries for Autodesk ® Design Review

Originally Published 9/23/2013 Hello all. In this entry I address something fairly simple, and yet so (IMHO) poorly documented, that it took me quite some time and a few grey hairs to nail down the procedure.  I’m referring to creating

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Revision Control from Item Master – Part 2 – Getting Started

Originally Published 9/17/2013 Hey there.  So in Part 1 of this series I gave a rather lengthy overview of all of the different revision table styles I created, with the help of some customization gurus, for placing revisions on my

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Using Design Review for markups in an ECO.

Originally Published 9/13/2013 The Autodesk ® Vault Professional Engineering Change Order markup feature is, at best, limited in it’s scope and size.  Even with the ECO window maximized on a 21″ monitor, the markup window space is pretty small.  The

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Revision Control from Item Master – Part 1 – Rev Tables

Originally Published 9/9/2013 Well, it’s been a hell of a couple of weeks over here.  Several shout outs of thanks forthcoming in this post.  For a number of reasons we made a decision a while back to modify the way

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