Autodesk University 2015 – Day 4

Ok,… running late.  It’s actually 10:23 am on Day 5 (for me).  Yesterday was a very busy day.  Classes all morning, some very good ones that have me thinking about some things I might want to look into when i get back to work next week.  First up though was my session with Mike Thomas from Prarie Machine and Jim Amero from Joy Mining.  We did a panel talk called Behind The Music – Stories of Vault Users.  We each took turns describing our companies’ journeys using Vault and how we’ve made changes through the years, as well as some of the struggles we’ve faced.  It went fairly well, and so far the feedback has been pretty good.  From there, immediately following and in the same room was a sneak peak into the future of Autodesk Inventor.  And immediately following that was a long hike to he far end of the shops at the Palazzo, to Table 10 restaurant for the Expert Elite recognition lunch.  A delicious buffet was set up for us, and some special guests, including Autodesk’s Lynn Allen joined us for lunch.  I’m sorry that I haven’t got any pictures to share from this morning, but as you can tell, I didn’t slow down much.

After lunch, I just had time to make it into my next class… 3 minutes late and out of breath.  This one has really got me thinking about some possibilities at home, while also making me fear the amount of extra work it could create…. progress hurts though, right?  After this class I had a short break, just enough to catch my breath, but not enough to sit down and start writing this post.  Next up was a fellow Expert Elite, Blair Stunder’s class on Tube & Pipe.  I had to sit in this one for moral support, being a Tube & Pipe guy myself.

I had volunteered to Help at the annual AUGI (Autodesk User Group International) meeting next, at 5:00, but as I was standing in the hallway waiting to be let into the room, a member of the Inventor development team came to me in the hall.  They were hosting a VIP party right across the hall.  I had been invited but turned it down because of volunteering to help with the meeting.  Dan told me I should really consider coming to the party because I had been nominated for a customer appreciation award.  Now, that was a surprise, becaue I always thought I was a thorn in the side of this team.  As it turns out they actually appreciate me being the squeaky wheel, firing up the community on changes to the Tube & Pipe module  They gave me a great looking set of headphones which, someone told me later, “were not cheap ones”.  I’m looking forward to trying them out!


As soon as I got this I had to thank them and leave, because I was already late for a meeting 4 levels down in the Exhibit Hall, to go over the slide deck for my big class Thursday morning.  Mike Davis, one of my co-speakers, and I almost ran to get down there.  We quickly grabbed some food and a beer, and went to the Expert Elite lounge to meet the rest of the team.  Our run through went very smoothly this time, no technical glitches, no missing presenters.  I left feeling a lot more relaxed about presenting.

So,… not done yet, I then left the exhibit hall and headed to the annual Blogger & Social Media party.  This year’s event was held at the Public House, which is where our Expert Elite welcome party had been on Monday evening.  I did not stay long for this one, I was pretty beat and wanted to get a decent night’s sleep before our class.  I had a beer and did a bit of networking, took a few pictures and made a discreet exit.  One particularly cool ite was the 3d printed model of the wreck of the USS Arizona that Shaan Hurley brought.  This was created after months of diving and 3D scanning the wreck last year,


So,… I’m going to close this one out with a montage of pictures I took throughout the afternoon and evening.  See you for tomorrow’s post!



CAD Department Supervisor at Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing, Inc. CAD Designer & Detailer specializing in Inventor Tube & Pipe, Frame Generator, Content Center, Vault Professional. Autodesk Expert Elite member. Blogger. Autodesk University Speaker 2014-2018. Husband and father. Photographer.

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2 comments on “Autodesk University 2015 – Day 4
  1. Hey Chris,

    Although my time is not quite in demand as yours, I know what you mean. Not enough time to do everything. It was my first time as a speaker and I was also helping out on a colleague’s Hands-on Lab. It was a great week, just wish I had more “me” time to just go and see all of the amazing things going on in the Autodesk world. Thanks for your posts.


    • cgbenner says:

      Free time is hard to come by at AU, that is for sure. I try to give myself some leeway on classes so that if I need a break I can take one. I didn’t get nearly enough time in the exhibit hall this year.


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