Inventor Content Center Part 2 – Configuring

Hello again!

In part one of this series, I talked about how to Install the various Content Center libraries on your Vault or Desktop systems, so they would be available for Inventor.  In this segment, I will show you how to configure these libraries into your Inventor projects, as well as how to create a custom read/write library for your own content center parts.  I’m including one of my first “talkie” videos, so be gentle with me.

Having the Content Center libraries installed on your system is only the beginning of the process.  Once you have determined whether you will be using Vault or Desktop libraries and have installed them in the proper location, you need to add these libraries to your various Vault or local projects in Inventor.  The basic procedure for doing this is the same for either, with the exception that in the Vault setup, the project file needs to be checked out of the Vault first, or you will not be able to make changes to it.

Open a session of Inventor, with no file open.  You can edit the projects files by either going to the “Get Started” tab on your ribbon, and selecting the Projects button, or by selecting the big “I” in the upper left corner, scrolling to “Manage” and then selecting Projects.  Select the project whose libraries you want to configure, and pick the Configure Libraries button on the lower right.


This brings up the list of libraries installed in the specified location.  Simply check or uncheck libraries as needed to ensure that the ones that are necessary for this project are assigned.  In the Vault setup, you may see libraries in the list that show up in red, and say “Not Available”.  These are libraries that have been installed in the proper Vault location, but not “attached” to a particular Vault.  I missed pointing this out in my video,… oops.


To attach these, you need to be in the ADMS (Autodesk Data Management Server Console).  Right click on Libraries, and select Attach, then navigate to the appropriate library files in the Vault library location.  Click OK, and then try the configuration again.  These libraries should now be available to assign to a project.


To create a new Read/Write library in any given project, there are two methods.  For Desktop Content, you do this in the same screen as the configuration.  In the first image above, I circled the Create Library button, beneath the list of libraries.  Select this, and then simply give it a name and hit the OK button.  Save, and hit Done and the library will be created, and any changes you made to the configuration will be applied.  The Read/Write library is now ready for your custom parts, and also for any standard content families that you copy.  This will be covered later, in part 3.

In the Vault setup, the new library needs to be created in the ADMS console.  As above, where I showed how to attach a library, right click on Libraries and this time select Create Library.  Like in the Desktop version, give it a Display Name.  This is what you will see in the Content Center.  Partition refers to the version of Inventor you want it to work with, if you have multiple versions on your system.  The Database Name can be the same as the display name, or changed to whatever you like.  Hit OK and the library will be available for configuration to your projects.



Well, there you have it in a nutshell.  It’s not a difficult procedure, but one that often gets missed when you’re just getting started.  I often see question in the Autodesk Community forums asking why I can’t see any of my Content Center files, and this is usually the reason.  Take a peek at the video below where I quickly demonstrate these (minus the attach library… my bad).  Part 3 in this series will talk about what to do now that you can access these libraries, like adding your own content and modifying “out of the box” content.  Look for that soon, and as always….


“Autodesk ® screen shots reprinted with the permission of Autodesk, Inc.  Autodesk ® , AutoCAD® , DWG, the DWG logo, Vault ®, Autocad Electrical ® and Inventor ® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and other countries.”  Programs and programmers’ information used with permission.  Thanks guys!



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One comment on “Inventor Content Center Part 2 – Configuring
  1. Adrian says:

    Really nice,

    I like that you managed to cover both installments, Desktop Content and Vault.

    Like the video as well.


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