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Originally Published 11/19/2013

Hey all of you one or two people who actually read this thing.  I’ve been away for a while, doing actual paid work (not nearly as much fun).  I just wanted to say that I’m not going away, and as soon as I come up with something that I think is fun or exciting, I’ll do more posting.

In the meantime, I’m getting my desk cleared off as much as possible in anticipation of Autodesk ® University 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  December 3-5.  I get there Monday afternoon, and will be attending the Freshman Orientation (3660 on the schedule, 5-6 pm, hosted by none other than Ms. Lynn Allen!) in the evening as a mentor to first time attendees.  Not quite sure how that’s going to go, but I’ll do my best not to steer anyone wrong.  I know my first year I wished they had done something like this…. I was lost the entire week and had no desire to come back the next year.  Now I’m on my 4th year and can’t wait to get there.

Later that evening I will be going to what is being billed as BSM360, a clever name we came up with to play off of Autodesk’s ® affinity for the “360” name.  This is a blogger, social media and Expert Elite party.  I’m looking forward to finally shaking the hands of some of the fine people I talk to every day on the Autodesk ® Community forums, and on Twitter.  So many people with so much knowledge and talent that I never quite feel like I measure up to being counted as one of them.  But then self confidence was never my strong suit.

The rest of the week will be filled with classes ranging from Vault topics, to some customization and programming classes.  Throw in a few more parties along the way including the annual AUGI Beer Bust in the Exhibit Hall, and this is shaping up to be a great AU.

I will be taking what passes for a laptop with me, and I will be blogging updates and interesting stuff as I run across it.  I’ll be posting pictures, rundowns of things I’ve learned etc.  So follow along and it will be like you’re there with me.  And if you ARE going to be there…. look for me!  I’ll be hanging around the AUGI booth and the Expert Elite Booth in the International Community Pavilion of the Exhibit Hall most evenings… or wandering around with a beer checking out other exhibits.  Or look for me on the AU2013 mobile app, on there I am Christopher B.  On Twitter @CGBenner.  Shoot me a message or a tweet.

Here’s to a great AU 2013!!


“Autodesk® screen shots reprinted with the permission of Autodesk, Inc.  Autodesk ® , AutoCAD ® , DWG, the DWG logo, Vault ®, Autocad Electrical ® and Inventor ® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and other countries.”  Programs and programmers’ information used with permission.  Thanks guys!


CAD Department Supervisor at Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing, Inc. CAD Designer & Detailer specializing in Inventor Tube & Pipe, Frame Generator, Content Center, Vault Professional. Autodesk Expert Elite member. Blogger. AU 2014 Speaker. Husband and father.

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